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Increasing calls will increase customers, and this increases your revenue! This is our goal for your towing company. Towing Leads markets your wrecker business in your location(s) to maximize your visibility, online ranking, customers calling, and the return on investment.  Though likes, views and shares are beneficial for marketing your business name, it cannot verify actual customers calling your wrecker service business. Towing Leads verifies actual calling success.

What would a 40% + increase in customers calling your towing service do for your towing business? Having a nice looking website helps make your business look professional, but if your not found online what good is the website doing? If the website is not making you money, what is it accomplishing?

Our marketing is simple but very effective! We are not going to waste your money with old traditional marketing that is seen by less than 1% of customers today, our marketing places you in front of people, businesses, insurances etc. This is what Towing Leads marketing does.

Our Towing Leads Marketing consist of:

  • Setting up and maintaining the Google Business page for your wrecker service. 
  • Building an online presence, including a website and social media pages, that targets all keywords and search phrases in the towing niche
  • Placing your business information in over 350+ local online listings and maintaining the listings.
  • Setting up a call tracking number that monitors and records all calls

This tow marketing process has helped all of our towing clients triple their call volume and make them #1 in visibility, ranking and customers calling.

Towing Leads proves our tow marketing success!

What Do You Get?
Our towing marketing package is designed with you in mind. We get your company placed in the top ten local results for keywords like towing service and help you harness the power of the internet to drive more customers to you

How We Do It?
Towing Leads makes sure your website is ahead of the competition by using local search marketing directories, optimized web design, and continued monitoring and management to make sure your business stays on.

Why You Need It?
We have experience working with towing service providers and are experts in towing advertising online. We have developed an online marketing strategy that is designed to get you the best results and get your phone ringing.

Why Towing Leads?
From web design and keyword research to business listings and detailed reporting via our client’s login portal we do it ALL for you! Our primary job is to deliver potential customers to you via the internet and provide you with


​It's one thing to get targeted visitors to your website, but it's a whole other thing to get them to become a customer. We help your marketing turn customers into a greater return on investment (ROI).

How it Works
Towing Leads offers local and toll-free options to fit all aspects of your business. Getting your tracking numbers is simple and affordable.

  1. Pick out a local or toll-free number (as many as you need!).
  2. Tell us what phone number calls should ring to (usually your office line or cell phone).
  3. We activate your new phone number and when a call comes in, we forward it to your phone number and sit in between for recording and data gathering.

Local and toll-free numbers no matter where you’re located.
Forward all of your phone numbers—local or toll-free—to your main company line, regional offices, or a centralized call center.

Maintain your local appearance
While operating remotely with satellite offices or call centers. For example, if your company serves large metropolitan areas, you can get area codes specific to every region in that area, so your customers know your business serves that area.

Control your business phone numbers 
Even when they ring to employees’ personal lines and cell phones. Remote call forwarding is particularly useful with sales representatives. If a salesperson leaves your company, you don’t want to lose all the leads and customers who have their phone number. You can redirect their number to another employee and ensure your leads and contacts stay connected to your business.

Call Recording 
Listen to your customers, anytime, anywhere.

How will recording your phone calls help your business?
Recording your phone calls will help you improve your company’s reputation and service, assist you with training your employees, and protect you from liabilities. We store all of your recorded calls as MP3s in the cloud, so you can listen, review, and use the findings to train your employees. You can listen anytime, anywhere, using any web-enabled device.

Call recordings give you the opportunity to listen to and review your first point of contact with your customers. You can use the information to train employees and improve contact methods. Learn directly from listening to your customers how they feel about your business and what may alienate them. You can even keep recordings around long-term to protect your company from legal actions.

Call recording tells you what’s happening on your calls. 
Now, do something about it. Use call tracking to start placing unique tracking numbers on every piece of marketing, all of your websites, etc. This is a cost-effective way to help you answer two big questions: "Where are my calls coming from, and what is prompting customers to call in the first place?"

After you start tracking calls, you’ll realize how valuable those calls are. You’ll also realize that listening to every phone call to track what happened and how your employees are performing is important but takes too much time to do yourself. That’s where we come in. With call monitoring, we evaluate every one of your calls to give you a high level summary and to provide answers to important questions like:

  • "What's really happening with my customers?”
  • “How are my employees really performing?”
  • “How does the ROI of my marketing efforts actually look?"

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